Electronic Tourist Visas for Australia

What does an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) visa allow me to do?

An electronic Australian Tourist Visa (ETA, or subclass 601 visa) allows you to stay in Australia for up to 3 months on each arrival within 12 months from the date the visa is issued. The ETA is an advanced electronic visa system, allowing no further need for a traditional paper visa or visa label in your passport. The ETA is available to passport holders from specified countries and regions.

We Save You Money, and Time!

We save you time and make it easy to obtain your travel visa. Each visa application is now just $40, £30, $55 SGD. Additionally, we refund your money back if you are not approved, and guarantee all visas are processed within just 24 hours!

Safe, Reliable Visas

With this discount, also comes reliability and dependability. All visas can be verified by contacting any Australian embassy, High Commission of Australia, or any Australian Visa office. Your airline will also verify your visa for you automatically before you depart.

What is permitted
  • You may travel to see relatives, friends, or visit for any tourism or holiday needs.
  • You may stay up to 3 months in Australia once you arrive.
  • You are permitted to re-enter multiple times on your visa.
What is not Permitted
  • The visa expires after 12 months. You cannot visit after the visa is expired.
  • You cannot work in Australia.
  • You cannot stay longer than 3 months in Australia on any single trip.

Australian Visa Information & FAQ

With EasyAus, you not only receive a discount on your visa, but the time it takes to obtain the visa is cut down to just hours, rather than days. You do not have to continuously re-check the status of your visa, as we will e-mail you the approval as soon as your visa becomes available.

Nothing more is required from you.

Additionally, you do not need to create a login or an account to use EasyAus. We make it as easy as possible for you to obtain your visa, so that you can spend more time thinking about your actual trip.

You should always try to apply no later than 24-48 hours in advance of your departure. However, it's recommended that you apply ~ 2 weeks in advance. Once you submit your application to us, we will have it processed and e-mailed to you within 24 hours (maximum).

You do not need a plane ticket to obtain a visa.

If you intend on staying longer than 3 months, or plan on working in Australia, please visit the Department of Immigration or an online visa service company which offers 6 or 12 month (subclass 600) visas. The cost of these visas may greatly differ from a 3-month subclass-601 ETA.

If your trip to Australia is for tourist activities only, and you wish to visit for less than 3 months, an ETA is what you need to apply for before your trip.

An ETA (or, Electronic Travel Authority), is a subclass 601 visa, which permits you to stay in the country for 3 months. It is widely available (24+ countries), and is completely electronic. An ETA substitutes the need for a paper or traditional visa stamp in your passport.

Once an ETA is issued, you simply need to carry your same passport with you while you travel. Both your airline, and government officials will scan your passport to retrieve your ETA data.

ETAs are issued by airlines, government officials, embassies, travel agents, and visa specialists (EasyAustralianVisa.com).

If you do not carry an ETA eligible passport, simply contact an Australian visa office, a local Australian Embassy, or apply through the Department of Immigration to obtain a different type of visa. (work, student, spouse, etc).

Often times, it takes us just a few hours to process your visa. However, we require that you apply more than 24 Hours in advance of your trip, as 24 hours is the maximum amount of processing time.

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